About Us

After moving from Sunny South Florida to The Peach State, Yvette Preston, an Interior Designer, turned event planner and picnic curator, decided it was time to start doing what she loved in her new home town. Based out of Canton, Georgia, this chic, english inspired picnic concept merges all the things Yvette loves and wants to share with those willing to embrace it. RoyalTea reflects her personal style, and fuels her life's passion. 

After combining forces with SoFloSettings, owned by Yvette's Best Friend and her two sisters, RoyalTea Picnics offers specialty personalized events that will forever live on as special memories. 


"We find rare beautiful pieces that would make wonderful additions to any event. That's the beauty with curating these fabulous picnics. We strive to acquire beautiful things for all types of design and fashion enthusiasts, offering a one-of-a-kind and compelling picnic experience that is sometimes extravagant, sometimes serene, but always instantly classic! We are committed, as always, to offering our clients our signature unmatched service. I invite you into my world with the hope you take a deep breath and enjoy until your heart's content." 

-Yvette Preston